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Brain article/video curation

Brain article/video curation

In this video, they state that “Your memory is you” but is that really true. If you have severe amnesia and forget things right after they happen, just like in the video we watched during class, when how is your memory you if you have no memory. This video introduces an interesting thing that I’ve never heard of but I have experienced myself, childhood amnesia. Typically, an adult cannot recall anything before the age of five. A doctor in this movie believes that memory begins to develop when one realizes they are their own self. He justifies this theory with an experiment. The doctor begins experimenting on toddlers and puts them in front of a mirror to see if they recognize that the reflection is themselves. For them to recognize that the figure in the mirror is themselves, the doctor puts paint on their nose, to see if they will wipe it off. His findings were that instead of touching their own nose when they see the mirror, they point at their own reflection instead.  This shows that the toddlers do not understand the change in themselves. But their were two kids who did pass this test. The doctor then develops another test where the children are shown where a stuff lion is put to sleep. Then two weeks later, they return and see if the child can find the lion. The same two kids who recognized themselves in the mirror pass this testing also. In conclusion, this video forms the idea that for one to develop memories, one must realize that they are their own person. 


What makes some kids develop this sense of self faster than others? 

Can our memories be altered? 

Do memories make us who we are? 

What makes us who we are?