Belief and Doubt

After reading the article “The Uncertainty of Knowledge” , the thought of how do we know what what we know is true. This presents the question, “where does knowledge come from?” We can get knowledge from so many different sources, such as lectures, books, internet, others, etc. The writer makes many fine points about knowledge. For example, “Confronted with this inspiring challenge, the humanities, arts, social sciences and professions, not relishing the idea of being left far behind, are hastening to make their own contributions to the wisdom of the 20th century.” This quote really sparks a thought that the 20th century is probably the smartest generation thus far. This is so because we have so many ways of obtaining so many different areas of knowledge. Plus, this knowledge is so easily accessible. Our generation simply has to “google it” and millions of possible answer appear.

We then watched a PSA about climate change. This PSA compared the biased of companies downgrading the seriousness of climate change to when cigarette companies downgraded the effect cigarettes had on humans. This video gave a little history lesson and explained how cigarettes are addictive and relate to cancer. Then it showed an example of the trial, when the cigarette company workers were asked if they thought cigarettes were addictive, all said that it was not. The cigarette companies then tried to tell the public that scientist were wrong and were attempting to publicize their product again. It worked, but luckily now we know the affect cigarettes have on our body.

I then looked up an advertisement that try very hard to sell products. This commercial used a sad, depressed voice to narrate for the sad looking people. Also, playing in the background was a very sad voice. But when the name of the medicine came up, the music got a bit cheerier. Once the antidepressants name is mentioned, the clips begin getting happier and the people in them begin being more active. Also, the narrater begins to speech faster. This video was made in a way that so that the product seemed to worked. Before the name of the product was said, the people were depressed but once it was named, they began adventuring around and enjoying life.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 9.56.57 AM

This twitter posted is about climate changed. When looking at their user name, it appears that they are bias. So this makes the whole post biased toward that climate change  and global warming are occurring.


I believe…

The difficult part of creating this video was getting the clips from my phone to my computer. I have very poor internet connection at my house and no data left on my phone to send them. Only after an hour or two did I realize that I could just hook my phone up to my computer and import it that way. Another difficult part of this was choosing a song. It was very hard to choose a song that inspired and flowed with all of my beliefs. Eventually I found an inspirational song that fit well. The final part aspect to this filming myself writing because I had to make sure that it was not shaky and kept what I needed in frame.

All clips except 3 are my own creation