Touch and Hearing Reflection


Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box

Researchers discovered that LMTRs (low-threshold mechanosensory receptors), which are nerve endings at the base of ultra-sensitive hairs, helping with our touch sense.

Do other species have these ultra-sensitive hairs?

10 Psychological Effects of Nonsexual Touching

10 Touches: for money, help, compliance, more compliance, flight, to sell your car, a date, power, to communicate, and massage for maths.

How did they come to this conclusion?

The Body Language of Touch

Touch is a very important sense when dealing with interpersonal communication and business.

What are some negative effects touch can have on people?

Touch Illusion 

There are many ways in which our sense of touched can be tricked.

Is your eyes were closed, would that increase or decrease the illusion?

Kissing Device Sends Long Distance Smooch

This technology, dubbed Kissenger, allows individuals to send kisses to others via this device.

Why would someone do this?

The Cutting Edge of Haptics

Haptics is the nonverbal source of communication via touch.

What specific emotions can be passed through haptics?


World’s Largest Natural Sound Archive 

This Sound Library has 150,000 audio recordings featuring 9,000 species.

What is the most popular audio recording listened to?

The Cocktail Party Effect

This study showed that we are able to separate one conversation from another in crowds.

How do we decide which conversation to tune in and out off?

How Does Our Sound Effect Our Creativity? 

The environment we are in effects our levels of creativity. Blue rooms with moderate amount of noise are best fit.

Does this differ from person to person?

Make The City Sound Better

The Sound Taxi records surrounding sound while driving around. This noise is later transferred into unique music.

What song was most popular?

The Sound of Taste

The crispier food taste, generally, the tastier we believe it is.

What are some other sounds that we do like and ones we don’t?

Beethoven’s Deafness Influenced His Music 

Beethoven’s tuned into his inner ear which influenced the sound of his music.

How does someone who is not deaf tune into their “inner ear”?


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