Reflection on Emotion, Music, and Memory

While sitting in the car with my mom driving home, I often hear her say “This song reminds me of ____”. Emotion, Music, and Memory are all strongly correlated to one another. When a song is playing on the radio, it is easy to be taken back in time to a certain memory. Music can also brings up a lot of prior emotions. For example, I had a friend that, when a certain song would play on the radio, she would immediately would want the channel to be changed because it reminded her of a time that she did not want to go back to. Music can bring back positive and negative memories and emotions.

I love listening to old music and seeing what memories come to mind. One christmas CD brings me back to a fond memory. The entire CD makes me think of when I was around 8 years old, it was right around Christmas, and my mom and I travelled into town to find some Christmas music. I can picture the building, the weather, and the emotions I had when I first heard those songs play. It was raining, we put the CD into the radio, and it started. I can remember that as each rain drop hit the window, I was falling more and more in love with the CD. To this day, the CD brings me back to moments like this and I smile.

From the article by ABC called My Life as a PLaylist, a quote describes what I get when I listen to certain songs, “However, a small minority of people experience unusually strong physical responses to certain pieces of music as well. They might get chills down the spine, goose bumps, or their hair standing on end while listening to music.” When I hear a song that either has an artist with really good music, beats, or lyrics, I get chills. The chills show that music can affect your feelings and your being. It can make you feel the emotions that the artists is trying to portray, even if you’ve never experienced them before.

Music is so powerful and can make you feel all types of emotions and bring you back to times you may have not thought about in a very long time.


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